Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adding new things

I'm currently working on adding somethings that I had from the past.

I hope to have it all completed with in the next few months. The bug has hit me again. Even though I have been super super busy with other more pressing personal matters at the moment.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I've had quiet a

Trying to edit my site.  I hope to finally have it completed by I will say Wednesday just for safety. Just a few links that are out of place. I tell you it has been a time trying to get the pages to show up right and the navigation to show right as well. I think I've finally got it as far as the navigation showing right as well as pages. Now I just have to get a few links corrected with the right links and it should be good to go. I hope!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Still Adding new things

I have completed Thompson's and Dilly's records placing them on page
I am  currently working on David I will have to type out some as well as add the document to the page as I go. It will probably take me until Thursday or Friday or weekend depending on how things go. I did have a devil of a time tonight with the html in my page as I was getting some of David's up. And I honestly did not think I was going to able to sort out his page.LOL Talk about kicking things.
But I managed to get it sorted and should have rest up soon. So keep a look out.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Long time no posts update on my main site

    Been a long time since I posted last.  Been kinda in a genealogy sabbatical until recently getting back into mood.  I have been updating my free pages site with new things and revamping stuff. Also helping take care of a group. Also I have been trying to find a connection to Sarah Bush Lincoln I know it is a long shot but since we share same last name it can't hurt to check her out. I have found small info about her and her parents names nothing more. I also found that not many people are having any better luck than I am.

 On my freepages I have put up and will continue to put up records I have found. I also have updated my World Connect file with more surnames and the surnames page on my freepages too.

I am slowly getting back into the swing of research and updating again.

I hope to have another more indepth update soon.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I found Goodies.

Today was the start of the WWII  records through Ancestry from today till the 7th at Midnight.  And by chance on the first day, I found the two relatives I was looking for. I am so happy, I have a record now of their World War II Service.
I have also made new genealogy buddies that have the same Bush,Phillip people. 
Also I found on Face book two groups one for Nance and one for  Phillips. Hopefully I can make some connections there.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Favorites in Genealogy Programs.

I am still fairly new to Genealogy. I love working with Legacy and Roots Magic when I first started out.  Lately, I think my newest favorites are Ahnenblatt, and My Family Tree Software. All of them are easy to work with which for me is a must, and a plus for any Genealogy program.  My favorite part about all the programs in particular is all the charts, and reports that you can do. Especially interesting in Roots Magic and Legacy you can create web pages. Definitely a plus for those who aren't savy in html.

  The one thing I had never noticed in other genealogy programs that I noticed in Ahnenblatt was that you could create a birthday list,But that would really be only for the living relatives. I haven't found this tool useful yet.
My Family Tree program.  A little odd at first but fairly easy to work with.  It's trees look different than what we're used to in the family tree maker ,Roots Magic, or Legacy.  And it does open different and doesn't from what I can tell keep your trees loaded. If I figure out how to keep the trees within the program I'll re post about this at a later time. That's really the only draw back the the program.

I'm most favorite would be The Legacy and Roots Magic.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Stumbled upon some new things and figured out Birth Dates.

I've lately been going through census's and through the free Civil War records. So far I have only found a few things. I did manage to stumble on to Thompson Cooley's and Davids Civil War record. Could not find Dilly's though I know for sure that he served with his father and brother. I also ran across Bradley Cooley's Dad ,MomFamily in  census Record. I now know what year they were all born. But, here's the kicker they had more kids than I thought. and Two I had no Idea of. Also  A few children were missing in the listing. Perhaps already grown at this time and not living with them. I may have ? Found my Thomas Raper along with a couple of others. Not totally sure yet. But I am very hopeful this gives me something to go on.