Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Those Ah Ha Moments when you found something.

The night before last I was searching for info on John Cooley. And boy if  I didn't find not only a gold mine of information on him and two other people on Ancestral Data Site.. But, I now know what he looks like.  Not to mention I'm always hunting for old pictures of other relatives from that era.

On the information side I found something interesting, that I did not know about John Cooley, He was born in Salem Indiana, He was a farmer there.Then He was a Mail carrier via Horseback. Going from Center ville and  Cincinnati, Iowa.He was first Married to Laurinda Akin. From what I can gather no one can find whether she died in Washington Co. In or somewhere else they have also found that she my have  had family in Northern Indiana in a place called Carlyle, Indiana. He then Married a year after his first wife past away Elizabeth Pring in Sullivan County MO as far as I can tell they had no children that I could find.

  Also John joined along side his two sons into the Union Army becoming a  private in Company C, 42nd Missouri Volunteers. One of his sons Dill Cooley died during his service in the Civil War.

This is still a research in progress and absolute verification. But, it is definitely a great start.

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